Monday, March 5, 2012

40th's and Flooding!

We had a very interesting weekend!! It will be a weekend that none of our friends will forget in a long time! Jason and Kellie's 40th birthday party was moved from their home to the local CWA hall after we had almost 8 inches of rain in 4 days! We got dressed in our costumes, brought Ryan and Emma along to babysit the party goers kids, and packed an overnight bag just in case we got flooded in!

Well we did get flooded in and couldn't get home until Sunday afternoon. Here is some of the flood water we drove through. Our house and farms were perfectly safe as we live on much higher ground.

This is the back of Jason and Kellie's house on Sunday morning. There is normally no water there!
The 40th party was a lot of fun, but not long after we'd eaten the main meal, the SES said that all roads out of town would be cut within half and hour with flooding and anyone who needed to get home had better leave now! Well, that thinned out the crowd by 50%!

There was only about 20 people to watch the cutting of the cake and listen to the speeches, but those of us left had a great night. This was Kellie (aka Judy Jetson) and Jason (aka KISS) towards the end of the night.

Katie Perry made an appearance.
So did Jane, Kylie Mole and Jesus

There was The Joker, Jessie from Toy Story, Farmer Phil as a Jedi Knight and Jane

We had a Japanese geisha and the Karate Kid
Kylie Mole again with John Travolta, the King of Hearts and another Jedi

Other party goers were jockeys, Juliet, Jack of Spades, Kate Lee from Underbelly, Jesse James, a jackaroo and a judge. Anyway, a lot of fun was had by all but the flooding still continues!

Emma came home from school on Thursday for a designated long weekend. She was supposed to return by bus this evening, but the school has closed until further notice. It sits right on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River which is to peak tomorrow at 10m in Wagga Wagga which will cause major flooding for parts of the city. All this flood water will eventually make it down the river towards Emma's school. We will sit tight and wait to see what happens!

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