Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wagga Wagga Flood 2012

Yesterday evening Farmer Phil and I took a drive into Wagga to have a look at the flood waters. It was very scary to see how much water there was coming down the river and surrounds - it was flowing incredibly fast. If you've been watching the news and morning TV shows you will have seen the flood waters, but to see them for real is something else!

It was a very eerie feeling when you drive past Wagga's CBD and there is not a single vehicle or person to be seen - it definitely was a ghost town! But this morning it seems that most of Wagga came away unscathed by the 2012 flood. However there will be a hell of a cleanup go on over the next few weeks and months to help the residents of North Wagga get back to normal after their homes (all 240 of them) were inundated up to their roofs.

Emma is not expected to get back to school until at least next week with the Wagga floodwaters expected at her school on Thursday. The school has been reinforcing their own levee banks and have moved all stock to higher ground. Some of the teachers houses which are closer to the river than what the main school buildings and dormitories are have been evacuated. Thankfully, flood water is not expected to impact on any of the school buildings.

Looking over East Wagga

Getting close to it's peak

North Wagga Flats

North Wagga Flats

This is the Murrumbidgee River

Sunset over floodwater

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A Farmer's Wife said...

Bit scary isn't it? Glad the town was Ok but guess lots of people lost fencing and stock and roads etc..