Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cropping/Seeding/Sowing Update

We call it many names - cropping, seeding or sowing, but what ever you call it, the good news is that we're nearly finished.  Farmer Phil told me this morning that there is only about 300Ha of wheat to be sown for cropping 2012!  YAY!!! 

It's been relatively uneventful this year too which is great!  After a couple of small mechanical issues with the tractor which the mechanic sorted out quick sticks, we've had a really good run.  Farmer Phil hasn't had any super early morning starts or late nights sitting on the tractor - but rather just a relaxed 4 weeks or so with no stress!

I jumped the fence into the paddock next to the house (and ripped my work jeans in the process!) to take a couple of photos of the canola poking it's head through.  In amongst all that lovely wheat stubble mulch from last year are little canola plants.  You may remember this time last year we were fighting a seemingly never-ending battle against millions of mice who wanted to destroy our canola crops.  Well, this year we have not seen a single mouse - YAY!

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Fiona said...

"Relatively uneventful" is exactly how we agriculturalists like things to be! Hope the season is treating you well, I'm concerned we might be looking at a long, dry winter, though my husband tells me I think too much!