Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sowing Time

As you can see, it's sowing time at last! We had 29mm of rain over the weekend so Farmer Phil decided to start sowing the canola. It's being direct drilled into last year's wheat stubble. The stubble is left on the padock from last harvest to try and conserve the moisture in the soil. It acts just like the mulch on your gardens.

I had to drive the seeder this afternoon while Farmer Phil went and dug the seed truck out of a bog! We use a GPS system called "EZ-Guide & EZ-Steer" which means that you don't have to physically steer the tractor. It is guided by satellites which then drives the tractor in a straight line.

The monitor shows you the paddock covered by the seeder so you don't miss any patches.

This is Farmer Phil filling the air cart with fertiliser from the semi. The pile of gypsum is to be spread in the paddock next door.

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