Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christmas in July

Last night our Ag n Chat group held a Christmas in July at the Junee Licorice Factory. We invited our husbands to come along as well, and a great (and long!) night was had by all.

There were trivia questions for the husbands to answer about the ladies in our small group, and then a game of licorice skittles was fought out. Congratulations to Pete and Carol on winning.

If you're ever in the Junee area, then the Licorice Factory is a great place to visit. It has superb morning and afternoon teas, a great gift shop and tours of the factory every hour. As well as a shop to buy all their yummy chocolate and licorice products. I especially like their chocolate coated strawberries which are freeze dried first and then coated in chocolate.

In licorice skittles the object is to throw the licorice ball up into the chute and then catch as many skittles as you can as they get bowled over. It sounds easy, but it's really quite difficult. Even just getting the ball into the chute!

Here are Freddie and Deb waiting for their skittles.

It's just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where they make all their yummy products.

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