Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scott Reardon Charity Bowls Day

Yesterday we went to a Charity Bowls Day to raise funds for Scottie Reardon to help him on his way to the World Disabled Waterski Championship in France in September.

Scott was born and raised on a farm near us and his parents Peter and Carol are very good friends of ours. In 2002, when Scott was 12 years old he was involved in a farming accident when his shoelace became entangled in the PTO on a tractor. His right leg was amputated through the knee.

Scott was a very talented sports person and 6 months after his accident he was back on the water skiing his heart out. He is so determined and talented that he's made it all the way to the World Championships three times! He is an amazing young man and we had a really fun day trying to play lawn bowls for the first time to help with Scott's ambition to become a world champion again.

I'll try and link some of his skiing from You Tube, when I work out how to do it! But for now, here are a couple of photo's of Scott and what he can do on a waterski, and some photo's of the bowls day.

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