Friday, June 18, 2010

Ag n Chat Visits a Dairy

Yesterday was our monthly meeting for Ag n Chat and we visited a dairy during milking time. The owners Craig and Kylie were very passionate about their dairy, but they couldn't convince any of us dry land cropping/sheep farmers to change occupations!

Craig milks 300 cows, 3 times a day - 4am, 12 noon and 8pm. His dairy was only 4 years old and cost a mint to set up. We couldn't get over how technical dairy farming is with the cows nutrition requirements, artificial insemination using "sexed" semen, irrigation water needed for pastures and fodder, and time specific calving to reach the optimum milk production and animal health.

We dug our gumboots out of mothballs for the visit - we haven't needed gumboots in a very long time!! We were all very wary of getting pooped or wee'ed on while we were in the pit watching the operation! Luckily none of us experienced that!

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