Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ag n Chat Visits an Olive Farm

This morning our Ag n Chat monthly meeting was at Riverina Olive Grove where Gerard and Vici have added an interesting aspect to their farm business. They built an olive processing plant on site which processes olives from all over the Riverina for smaller growers.

They have also branched out into producing a range of natural organic skin care products called Olive by Langlois. We tested the products which smelt and felt amazing. We all left with a small goody bag for us to try. They are an internet based company but they also have products in retail outlets. Just look at their website for more info.

Here is the processing plant with Vici explaining how olives are cold pressed to extract the oil. It was a very interesting morning at a farm which is right on our doorstep and which we didn't really know anything about! Vici explained the differences between virgin and extra virgin olive oil, the smell that good olive oil should have, and how long olive oil will last in the pantry.

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