Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Green At Last!!

Finally we have some greenery around our house!! The first 150m of turf went down on Wednesday last week, and then another 270m on Friday. It looks fabulous and makes the house seem cooler!

I have to wait until after harvest for Farmer Phil to start building the timber deck, and then the yard will really start to look good.

The tree is a Blueberry Ash which is a small, native Australian tree which has really pretty pink "ballerina skirt" flowers. Mum gave me two for my birthday back in January and I didn't want to plant them until the watering system was installed. There'd be too much pressure on me to keep them alive with manual watering!

I wanted to plant the other one on the eastern end of the house but when I started digging the hole, I hit rock about 10cm down. I moved to another spot, but hit rock again so I don't know where I'll plant the second one. The whole eastern end of the house is sitting on a shelf of granite rock!

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Unknown said...

what a difference 'green' makes, it looks so good, the pets must be in heaven. I guess you will just have to walk around with a sharp piece of wire and do some probing to find a place that is rockless, what a pain. Hope the locusts don't find your patch of green.