Thursday, November 27, 2008


The locust plague has arrived at our house these last few days. I've been out running around, clapping my hands and waving my arms like a mad woman to make them fly on. It's all been in vain as a new lot arrives straight away. They normally don't like water, so I've been putting the sprinklers on to try and get rid of them. Once they're on the wing, it's a waste of time spraying them with insecticide.

I'm just pannicking that they'll eat all my new lawn! We had them a few years ago and they hung around our patch of lawn for weeks and ate it almost bare. We had them again in March this year and they stripped the leaves from the lillypilly hedge, and even ate the agapanthus!

The photo's aren't very good but you can get the idea from the black/brown things all over the lawn!

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