Thursday, August 26, 2010

Emma Sings at Sydney Opera House

We arrived home yesterday after 4 days visiting Sydney for Emma to sing as part of the NSW combined State Choir for high school students at the Sydney Opera House. She was part of the Argyle and Endeavour concerts held on Monday and Tuesday nights.

On Sunday the choir rehearsed from 9.30am to 4.30pm at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Then on Monday they rehearsed all day at the Opera House. There were 75 students representing their schools from all over NSW.

We stayed at an apartment at Potts Point so it was only a 25 minute walk through the Botanical Gardens to both the Con and the Opera House. Farmer Phil couldn't come with us on Saturday when we left home because he had too much work to do on the farm so he flew to Sydney on Tuesday to watch the concert that night.

I'll have more photos tomorrow of what I did while waiting for Emma. I shopped and visited museums for 2 days - my feet are still sore!! I am very glad to be home now as I could never see me or any of my family living in Sydney. I was over the traffic, pollution and crowds by Sunday lunchtime!!

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