Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Aid from the Home and Farm Handbook

There is a section on first aid in the handbook which is very interesting. I'm quite sure that these methods aren't used now, but wouldn't it be interesting to see if they really worked! Remember the book was published in 1929 and they seemed to love brandy!!

"EARACHE - Fill a small flannel bag with common salt which has been warmed in an oven and press it gently on the affected ear. A hot onion can be used in the same way. Pour a few drops of warm olive oil or glycerine into the aching ear. Apply a poultice consisting of a piece of brown paper soaked in vinegar and then sprinkled freely with pepper or ground ginger, tie in position with a handkerchief. If pain continues to be violent, protect the ear from cold and see a doctor."

"CROUP - Soak a piece of flannel with methylated spirits and wrap around the throat. This gives immediate relief. Give patient a teaspoonful of olive oil and sugar in equal parts."

"GENERAL HINTS - In case of broken bones or dislocation leave the patient as he is, and where he is, until the doctor comes. Don't rush off for brandy when there is an accident - hot milk is better. Only give brandy when people are reviving after fainting from exhaustion, or foul air. NEVER give spirits when the face is flushed or the head injured."

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