Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busy Times!

The last few weeks of the school term have been very busy for our Emma. Firstly she had a 6 day excursion to Tasmania which she enjoyed immensely having never been there before. Year 9 got to sleep on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry on the way over and back which was an experience for them all. They visited historic Port Arthur, a Tasmanian Devil conservation park, the Cadbury Chocolate Factory which was a huge favourite, Beaconsfield Goldmine and lots of other typical touristy stuff in Tassie.

Emma was back to school for 2 days when her and the choir went to Sydney to participate in the 2010 School Spectacular "Colour My World" shows. They had a few days of rehearsals first which was full on apparently. This was the first time that YAHS had participated in School Spec so it was a thrill for everyone.

Ryan and Emma then had a week of water ski training camp with Ryan and Sarah Green from Greenski. The weather was cold, windy and raining but the kids didn't complain and got some quality training in with Ryan who is Australian champion and Sarah who is an international tournament winner.

With the flood crisis happening all over NSW Speech Day at YAHS was up in the air for a while before it was decided to go ahead with the day. Many parents had withdrawn their kids from school early because of flooding and road closures around their home towns. Speech Day is normally held at the beautiful Roxy Theatre in Leeton but it was moved to the school hall when only half of the student body was still at school for the last week. Emma and the choir sang "This Is Who I Am" by Vanessa Amarosi but there was half the choir members absent. The drum corp suffered the same fate with most of them missing too. Anyway, the choir did a great job and a successful Speech Day was held under great adversity.

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