Thursday, December 30, 2010

What To Do With All This Grain?

A grain "sausage" just getting started
Almost finished - 75m
A completed "sausage" of wheat

Long before our harvest started Farmer Phil was wondering how he was going to deliver or store all the grain we expected to harvest. We only have one truck which holds about 27T, but when the header is stripping over 30T of grain every hour, the poor old truck and driver would be run ragged trying to keep up.

We decided to buy a bagging machine. This machine puts the grain into a big plastic sausage-shaped bag so that it can be stored for short periods on farm. Once harvest is finished Farmer Phil will then have the job of carting the grain out of the bags and into the grain receival site nearby.

A "sausage" of wheat is 75m long and holds 250T of grain. We bought 12 bags, and we think we'll use them all this harvest.


Fiona said...

Sounds like all your hard work will pay off well Donna. And with farming, you certainly take it when you can.
While you're experiencing high heat, our nearest town (Rockhampton) is about to be hit with record-breaking floods. No real affect for us other than not being able to get to town for a couple of weeks. Many Qld towns experiencing terrible flooding.
Hope you're done soon and can enjoy that couple of weeks holiday.

BB said...

So amazing to hear its hot and dry with bumper crops down there... Thanks for checking in with us in the flooded north. BB

Unknown said...

Those wheat sausages are great, but farmer Phil has a lot of trucking to do when he gets back from his holiday!