Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!

Canola windrows which are yielding 3T/Ha which is excellent. The oil content of the canola seed is averaging 44% which is above the required benchmark of 42%, so we're happy about that too.

Canola ready to be harvested - note the very green weeds growing at the edge of the crop. Our next big job after harvest will be spraying to kill all the weeds growing after such a wet Spring.

A beautiful crop of wheat to be harvested - please let the rain stay away so we can get it in the silos! If we get any more rain on our wheat then it's quality (and therefore $/T) will be downgraded, but it will still yield very well which is something!

Our 2010 harvest has been very frustrating to say the least!! We started to harvest the canola on November 24th. We got to 4pm on November 27th and put the header in the shed. We have only just pulled the header into the paddock again today - 7 days later!!! We have only harvested about 300ac so far with another 4 200ac to go. We are booked to go on our annual holiday to Renmark, SA on January 2nd, but we don't like our chances of getting there on time.

We have measured 60mm of rain for the week with more rain predicted for next week. All we ask is that it stays dry for the duration of our harvest - about one month, that's all!!

There are a lot of farmers from other areas who are a lot worse off for rain than us and their harvest has been completely ruined. We had the potential for our best harvest in 10 years!

Farmer Phil is getting a bit stressed out about the whole situation. On the up side we've managed to get some more paving done around the pool in our down time.

The Murrumbidgee River is in flood danger again with some suburbs of Wagga Wagga being evacuated today because the river is expected to peak at a massive 10m by Monday with major flooding!

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Heather Blessington said...

I have been thinking about all the farmers in your area so much these last few days. Please keep us informed on how you are going with your crops and the rain. We know Jo and Buster, wonder how they are managing the wet. Good luck to you all!!