Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Taste of India!

Last night we had our very good friend Sue's 50th birthday party ( she's also Farmer Phil's cousin about 3 or 4 times removed, I think?!). The theme was "A Taste of India" so that meant we all had to dress up and the meal was beautiful Indian fare.

It didn't matter that the evening was held in a corrugated iron hall in a small country town - it looked like we had been transported to India! Mahatma Ghandi was even there!! We all had a great night and the hall was absolutely packed so that just showed how much we all think of Sue!

Sue in her beautiful sari.

This is Jenna, Emma, me and Carol dressed in our interpretation of Indian dress.

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pradeep said...

You all look beautiful in those Indian Dress :) I am Indian.

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