Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crop Dusting

Well, here we go!! My sister has been waiting for me to start a blog for quite a while now after she started hers last year. I thought today would be the day and as a coincidence, the crop dusting plane arrived as I'm sitting at the computer trying to work out how to do this. He's spraying our canola crops for aphids. I raced outside with the camera to get some photo's as he's spraying the paddocks right next to the house. How perfect!!

Our crops are looking great for the time being, but rain which the BOM promised over last weekend failed to arrive, so Farmer Phil is getting a bit stressed at the moment. We've had 4 droughts over the past 6 years, so confidence is pretty low at the moment. Spring rain seems to be sadly lacking for the past few years. All the potential for a great crop is there if only Hughie would send some our way!

Wow, the plane just buzzed over the house and it sounded very close to the roof! The pilot is a mad Kiwi who lives in the area and is notorious for sneaking up on farmers in their tractors and buzzing them. He's scared the pants of Farmer Phil quite a few times!! He'll then dip his wing to say "Gotcha!!".


Anonymous said...

Hi, Donna. Welcome to Blogland.

I've corresponded with Lisa for awhile. I'm in love with her sweet little Pia.

Looking forward to getting to know you too.

Happy blogging!

Tamsen said...

Hi Donna
Great blog. Thanks for having Jack for the weekend. Enjoyed the photos!

Mandi said...

the kiwi would freak me out as well....what actualy is canola any chance of a close up picture of the flowers or whatever it is ?