Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rain, Glorious, Rain!!

We had 22mm of beautiful rain overnight.  After that dust storm rolled in yesterday I thought that was it for the change which was due.  The crops will soak up this moisture with gusto!

The phone started ringing at 7am this morning with calls from our farming friends comparing how much rain everyone got.

Needless to say, Farmer Phil is very relieved.  The rain came just in the nick of time for most of our crops, but there are some that have been damaged beyond repair.  The hot, dry weather of the past 2 weeks has really taken it's toll on them and they will suffer a potential yield decrease because of it.

Anyway, not to worry, the farming community is on cloud 9 at the moment!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting for you to get some rain, we have friends and family in western NSW always wonder what the weather is doing. I live on the south coast of NSW and we had 6ml of rain. Better than nothing. We have a small herd of angus cattle 42 cows and 40 six month old calves.
The rain will help freshen up the grass and enable them to keep munching.