Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting Fit for Summer

Here is my new best friend for the next few weeks and months - my push bike! I've finally got her out of the dusty shed and went for a ride this morning. It was a very relaxing (slow!) one around our little village. I haven't really done any meaningful exercise all winter and now it's almost half way through Spring!

Lisa and I have discussed participating in the Red Cross Murray Marathon this year, but we're still undecided. I thought I should make a bit of a start at some fitness in case we do decide to participate. The race is on between Christmas and New Year every year which is bad timing for us farmers who may not be finished harvesting by then.

It's the 40th anniversary of the race and because I'll be turning 40 in January, we thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate. I'll keep you posted on what we decide.

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Anonymous said...

I went for my first bike ride since last spring.

A friend and I rode about five miles on the Cross-Seminole Trail. The fact that it ends at a great Mexican restaurant was incentive to keep going up the big bridge hill!