Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally the Hay is Moving

This is what Farmer Phil has been doing every morning this week - loading a truck with canola hay.  This is hay that we baled last year after the season turned bad and we had to cut all the canola crops to make into hay instead of harvesting them for the grain.  The trouble was that we sold all 600T to a hay dealer and he defaulted on the contract and didn't pay up.  Luckily we still had all the hay stacked in our sheds, it's just taken us almost 12 months to find another buyer.

Farmer Phil is now contemplating cutting the canola crops again this year as Spring rain has failed to arrive and they are really struggling for moisture.

While Farmer Phil was loading the truck yesterday, I had to drive out to one of our other farms which is 65km from the home place and bring back the tractor (the red one in my profile photo - it's a Case MX 285 for anyone who's interested!) which had the fertiliser spreader on it.  The tractor sits on about 34km/hour so it took almost 2 hours to drive it home.  It's very relaxing sitting there having a good look at the countryside listening to the radio and waving to everyone who drives towards you.  They take a second look when they see it's a woman at the controls!!

I just want to say a huge thank you to all you wonderful people out there in Blogland who have left some lovely positive comments for me.  I know you've all come over from Lisa's blog, so thank you very much.  I think I'm going to enjoy blogging!

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