Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tuesday's are a bit of a busy day for me.

Ryan and Emma both go to boarding school during the week and come home on weekends.

Every Tuesday afternoon I drive to their school and pick Emma up.  I take her to her singing lesson and then a choir session.  I get home around 9.45pm.  It's about a 460km round trip.

I know what you're all thinking - are you mad?!  Emma loves her singing and that is her only after school activity which I take her to.  We have a great time sitting in the car chatting about what's been happening at school.  She always has some interesting stories to tell.

Ryan has electric guitar lessons every Friday evening when he gets home from school and I only have to drive him 30km into town for that.

The photo is of Emma earlier this year when she was in a production of "Annie Jnr".  She played the part of Pepper the orphan in her first ever musical production.  She had a blast and did a really great job.

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