Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cute Kittens!

I've got plenty to blog about at the moment but I don't have any photo's to share. Emma took the camera to school this week to complete a photo assignment.

I've just come back from one of our farms after Farmer Phil phoned me and said to come and have a look at something. I jumped in the car quick smart when he said he'd just found 5 tiny kittens in a hay shed where he was loading a truck with hay.

They were so tiny and cute. There was one all black, one all grey, one fluffy light grey tabby and two dark tabbies with white cheeks and toes. They were about 2 weeks old as their eyes had just opened and they couldn't move around very well. The mother cat shot out of the shed when the loader tractor moved in. We made a little nest for them in the corner of the shed with some of the loose hay and rags we found. The mother will come back when she feels it's safe, but she'll probably move the kittens because they've been found by humans.

I took a photo on Farmer Phil's mobile, so I'll try and retrieve it and see if it's blog-worthy. I was told quite sternly by Farmer Phil that I couldn't keep any of the kittens! I would love to hand raise them and give them away as pets so that they don't become feral cats later on.

As you know I'm a cat lover, so have a look at this blog. It's just gorgeous!

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