Monday, October 27, 2008

Kittens Galore

Here are the kittens when we found them on Thursday morning - aren't they just the cutest!!

Farmer Phil has been checking them everyday and put food out for the mother cat. When we all went to check them on Saturday evening they were very thin and looked like they hadn't been fed for quite a while. We've never seen the mother cat and the food we put out had not been eaten. We decided to take the kittens and hand raise them ourselves. I figured that there would be 5 less feral cats running around being able to breed if I took them.

They are getting the hang of feeding from the bottle now which makes it easier on me. They fight and squabble about which one gets fed first though! They all have very different personalities - the black one is very placid and the little light grey one is a real ratbag!

Ryan and Emma think they're great, but Bella, Charlie, Poppy and Daisy are not so fussed with them!

If you'd like to adopt one in about 5 weeks, then let me know! We will not be keeping any of them as we've got enough cats already.

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Anonymous said...

Do you ship to the US???? No?????

Well, they are awfully cute. I'm sure you'll find good "local" homes for such cutie-pies.