Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fire Preparation

We had our monthly Ag n Chat meeting this morning and the topic was Fire Preparation. As we are coming into our "fire season" this meeting was timed perfectly.

We invited James and John from the Rural Fire Service to give us a talk and demonstration about how to be prepared if a fire came our way. We all had to start the pump on the fire unit and extinguish fires using fire extinguishers and fire hoses from the unit. We then got to use the hose from the brigade fire truck and see how much effort is needed to hold the hoses.

We all came away feeling much more confident about what to do when a fire comes and we have to defend our homes and families.

1 comment:

Levin said...

this looks like fun in theory - but i imagine it would be quite scary when the real thing happens! Here's hoping you don't have to tackle any fires this season.
i've been reading your previous posts - i am rather envious of your rain.